1415 Hilltown Pike
Hilltown, PA 18927
1415 Hilltown Pike
Hilltown, PA 18927

Direct Mail Success Stories

Monthly Newsletter


Every month a local real estate agent sends pertinent information to the residents of many developments, with each development receiving a unique version of the newsletter.  This was originally done as a letter mailing to each development, which resulted in as many as 14 individual mailings.

We have been able to streamline the process by redesigning the piece to be a self-mailer and, by using the data to drive the document printed, we have been able to create a single mailing. In doing so we have saved the customer money on materials and postage while enabling us to process the job much faster.

Trade Show Self-Mailer

QUANTITY: 75,000

To generate interest in an annual trade show, several dealers go together to do a mailing. Each dealer sends us a mailing list for address correction, zip +4, and standardization.

We merge/purge to eliminate duplicates but are still left with more than 100,000 names and a budget to mail only 75,000 pieces. We then generate a final mailing list using radius software to identify the recipients who are closest to the show and are most likely to attend.

Local Non-profit Organization

QUANTITY: 7,000 pieces

The original concept of the piece would have made it necessary to hand-stuff the contents, costing the customer extra money and requiring a longer turnaround time. However, after reviewing the proposal, we were able to suggest design changes and envelope choices that allowed it to be machine-stuffed.

The result was a cost-effective piece that saved the customer money and put the mailing in the hands of donors sooner.