1415 Hilltown Pike
Hilltown, PA 18927
1415 Hilltown Pike
Hilltown, PA 18927

Many businesses are sitting on a goldmine of data and don’t even know it. The information you collect about your customers, their preferences and their spending habits can be used to develop data driven marketing solutions that increase inquiries, leads and sales.

Here are a few of the data management services we provide:

Data stripping
Data Reformatting
Eliminate duplicates
Matched mailings
Personalized messages
Merge-purge (combine more than one list and eliminate duplicates)
Random Mailings
Address Hygiene
QR codes
PURLS (personal URLs)
Coding Accuracy System (CASS)
Postal Presorting (get postal discounts when mailing)
National Change of Address (NCOA)
Delivery Sequence File (DSF)
Residential Phone Append